LifeCube Electric Cryochamber

LifeCube Electric Cryochamber


The LifeCube Cryochamber is an innovative new unit manufactured in Germany. LifeCubes are electrical cold chambers. As a result, they reduce the temperature without nitrogen. Through the use of cooling aggregates and cooled ambient air, they can reach temperatures up to -120 degrees Celsius. The cold air is distributed evenly throughout the chamber, so you are cold head to toe.


Whole Body Cryotherapy

The science of extreme cold temperatures being applied to the entire human body to stimulate the healing of your circulatory, nervous, and energy systems is a powerful therapeutic technology. Based on peer-reviewed scientific and medical research, the effect of the procedure is achieved when the body is exposed to temperatures between -184°F and -238°F which reduces the skin’s surface temperature to approximately 41°F. This happens when non-invasive, short, and extremely cold bursts of air are projected on your body. The resulting physiological reactions then prompt healing and recovery in numerous ways including beautification, sports injuries rehabilitation, and enhanced post-workout muscle repair. The controlled cold environment has also been proven to trigger an analgesic reaction in the mind by increasing endorphin response, leading to positive mood states and acting as an antidepressant and sleep disorder treatment.

A cryotherapy session only takes three minutes and begins by a patient entering the Cryo Chamber where the sub-zero temperature air is released. You will notice immediate improvements in your skin’s appearance and increased energy immediately after the first treatment. For longer lasting results, a minimum of 10 sessions are generally recommended.

Our LifeCube Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber uses state of the art technology that conforms to the highest quality and safety standards.

Cryofos treatment

Cryofos treatment


Neuro Reflex Stimulation (NRS) uses hyperbaric medical CO2 gas to apply gentle pressure while delivering intense cold therapy. Drastic and abrupt reduction in the surface temperature of the skin causes a “Thermal Shock” that, when combined with the pressure from the gas, produces a variety of beneficial physiological effects using the body’s own resources to combat pain and promote healing.

The key to NRS Therapy is the treatment of pain through the COMBINED effects of extreme cooling AND pressure. The pressure component of NRS Therapy allows for the treatment of pain via two pathways to the Thalamus.

Lateral Spinothalamic Tract (Pain & Temperature)

Ventral Spinothalamic Tract (Touch & Pressure)