Debunking Cryotherapy Myths

When placing someone in what we call "the human freezer", there are naturally questions involved—be it from beginners or the cryo-obsessed. In order to soothe the mind and heart, here are some common misconceptions and the real truth behind the science (and freezer door).

Myth: The head-out unit(s) I has/have previously been in have reached temperatures below -250°.
Fact: Those machines use the temperature of the air entering the machine as what is being presented as the temperature you’re experiencing. Most Cryo Saunas are pre-cooled to -40° and steadily climb to reach -140° by the session’s conclusion. Upon entering our Cryo Arctic, the temperature is stable and is maintained throughout the session—technology that is specific to this machine.

Myth: Cryotherapy clients have died doing whole-body cryotherapy.
Fact: Our head-in, top-of-the-line machine supplies nitrogen-cooled oxygen into the unit; therefore, the air is completely breathable and safe.

Myth: Clients have also received burns during whole-body cryotherapy sessions.
Fact: Only if wet. It is vitally important to be wearing dry clothes and the safety gear provided to ensure your safety.

Myth: Cryotherapy does not have research backing its health benefits.
Fact: Still a new technology, whole-body cryotherapy has been researched since its inception in Japan in the 1980s. However, research has indicated that it reduces tissue temperature to decrease inflammation (2014) and improves recovery and soreness after exercise (2017). Yet, there are still many topics that remain untouched in the whole-body cryotherapy field and will be researched heavily within the next five to ten years.

Hopefully this provided some reassurance, and enjoy your next session at Chill with these facts in mind!