Feel Incredible with Incrediwear!

Incrediwear is a line of the latest biotechnology, combining the classic sleeve with carbon and germanium ions to provide the greatest amount of relief. This is based on the science behind electron distribution and their reaction with other atoms.

Here’s the where germanium’s electrons are located:

germanium ion1.png


In the outermost shell, there are unpaired electrons. Those are just waiting for something to react with—and they’re embedded into Incrediwear’s sleeves, socks, and braces. These electrons react with naturally-produced body heat to create a tingling feeling. Like lightning has to go to the ground, these extra electrons go to the skin and penetrate through to create a vibration of the skin and the cells.

This vibration and resulting tingling is akin to the formation of a tsunami. It originates as an earthquake at the bottom of the ocean and has nowhere to go but to manifest at the top of the waves as a tsunami. This is exactly how Incrediwear increases circulation and blood flow. It works in tandem, with increased circulation resulting in a greater oxygen supply to local tissues. In combination with the increase in blood flow, the body is able to regulate temperature much easier—the heat produced by inflammation is managed and controlled using this mechanism.

Germanium is also used to supply oxygen to the body’s cells; when there is an oxygen deficiency, the body has to begin a process that does not create enough energy to power strenuous activity (2 units of energy vs. the usual 38 units) and cannot efficiently use oxygen.

In addition, carbon’s structure has anions—negatively charged atoms that stimulate molecular vibration and circulation after absorption into the body. The carbon present in Incrediwear is in the form of bamboo carbonized charcoal. When warmed by the body, the Incrediwear releases those anions, which results in increased blood and oxygen circulation. With increased blood flow comes accelerated performance and recovery as well as reduced inflammation. Recovery time from an injury or pain has been accelerated up to 46% with the use of Incrediwear.

incrediwear pic1.png

Incrediwear can be worn for just twenty minutes to have an effect. However, it is ideal to wear the sleeve or socks when sleeping for maximum effect.

Be sure to come by Chill to find the largest selection of Incrediwear in Northwest Florida and leave feeling its active pain relief effects! These are the products we offer:

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